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About The Jeni Fund
The Jeni Fund for Women's Lung Cancer Research was founded in February 2002 in memorial for Jenifer Saltzman. Jeni died at the age of 51 after a gallant battle against lung cancer. Like many people, Jeni was a light smoker as young woman, but she had not smoked for many years. Her cancer, adenocarcinoma, is not associated with smoking and is more commonly found in women. Jeni's illness led her family, the founders of The Jeni Fund, to learn about women's lung cancer issues and to focus its fund raising activities to battle this disease. Jeni's experience at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), in conjunction with DFCI's world-renowned research work, caused DFCI to it be designated as the beneficiary of the fund.
Mission Statement

In support of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) of Boston, one of the 4 leading cancer research institutions in the US, our goal is to provide significant funding for research programs focusing on:


  1) Curing, preventing and treating lung cancers that most commonly strike women.
  2) Preventing metastases that spread cancer to other sites and organs. Lung cancer often spreads to the brain, bones, liver and other organs. Spreading of cancer to other sites can be as big a problem, if not a bigger one, than the original site of the disease.

Creating a web site to help disseminate information regarding cure, prevention, treatment, ongoing clinical trials, etc. This is an important goal because:

  a. Much of the information on the web, particularly regarding clinical trials, is oriented to medical personnel and is not easily understood by non-scientific folks;
  b. Information is scattered across a multitude of sites with inconsistent and redundant data;
  c. There is no single site dedicated solely to women's lung cancer; most sites cover a wide range of types of cancer.
  This site would attempt to rectify these shortcomings.

Contributions to The Jeni Fund are tax deductible and can be mailed to:

22 Westwood St.
West Newton, MA 02465

Telephone: 781-444-4669


Privacy Policy

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